Christmas in January

Celebrating Christmas does not necesarily mean that it has to be observed within the month of December. This is exactly what happened when the current PPS Board decided to defer its Christmas Get Together as a way of giving respect to Mr. Ceferino Baniqued who passed away during the second week of December 2014.


The simple get together was held at the Kamayan Restaurant in Calauan, Laguna and was attended by the following members: Ms. Lolita M. Dolores, Dr. Teodora O. Dizon, Mr. Rizal A. Alfonso, Ms. Lina C. Lapitan, Ms. Patria G. Gonzales, Dr. Cecilia B. Pascual, Ms. Maricel C. Gonzales, Dr. Fe M. Dela Cueva, Dr. Marita S. Pinili, Dr. Lilia A. Portales, and Dr. Avelino D. Raymundo.

Aside from the traditional exchange gift, there were also games. We also exchanged words of encouragement. During this part, attendees were paired or grouped into two's and we were requested to articulate what is the best quality that we find in our partner.

What better way to end this get together than to eat a sumptuous lunch and posing for a group picture.