Tribute to CA Baniqued

From Babylinda S. Marquez, Bureau of Plant Industry, San Andres, Manila

Ka Cef was my second boss at the Bureau of Plant Industry. Though he was one of the "most feared" section chiefs because of his short temper, frank, "brutal" and "nakakainis" comments. I came to love the man. Few people know that Ka Fere (as he was also fondly called) was a genuine and caring person. To me, he was a good mentor, my second father and a true friend who gave advices on work, family and even personal matters. I also learned from him the value of time and giving one's best in whatever he does. Our friendship continued even after his retirement from government service. His sudden demise will not erase in any way my fond memories of Ka Fere until the end of time.


From Ms. Lina C. Lapitan, PPS

Ka Cef was a colleague in government service as well as my boss of 16 years at the Bureau of Plant Industry, Sn Andres, Manila until he left from Baguio to serve as superintendent of BPI, Baguio Experiment Station where he retired. He was a champion of PPS having served the society for 32 years (President for 2 terms, Vice-President, Business Manager for 22 years and 7 years as member of the board). An energetic boss and leader, Ka Cef was friendly yet frank most of the time especially when deliberating on issue where he was frequently misunderstood. This might be due to his very short temper. But, expect the unexpected when he could twist arms to solicit funds for PPS – ready to die for the society's concern! Moreover, when he knew something can be done for PPS he would be very insistent to do it. Nothing is impossible for him if it's for the good of the society. A very organized person at work, he was very outspoken, too to the extent that unknowingly he has hurt people.

His best thoughts created more enemies than friends (but a very good friend of Ka Cef in BPI would say – "Aba siya na 'yan, otherwise, hindi na siya si Ceferino Baniqued!"

From Dr. AD Raymundo, PPS
Achiever in Philippine Plant Pathology

Mr. Ceferino A. Baniqued was a former superintendent of BPI Baguio Experiment Station, former BPI Assistant Director and BPI Hall of Fame awardee as Outstanding Research Station Manager. He was a 2-time President of the Philippine Phytopathological Society, Inc. (PPS) and 3-time President of the Pest Management Council of the Philippines, Inc. (PMCP).

Mr. Baniqued was the only active PPS charter member whose unique contribution perhaps is in steering the society to safer waters in time of financial crisis.